Yepo 737A Unboxing and Review

Yepo 737A Notebook – Budget Laptop Unboxing and Video Review

Yepo 737A Notebook Review

Yepo 737A Notebook Review Unboxing

Yepo 737A – Get the best price here


Model Yepo 737a
OS Windows 10
CPU Intel Celeron N3450 Core: 1.1GHz up to 2.2GHz
Hard Disk 64GB
External Memory Micro SD Card up to 128GB
Screen Size 13.3 inch
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD!)
Battery 7.4V / 4800mAh
Standby Time 5-6 hours
Built In 0.3MP Camera and Microphone
Ports 2x USB, 1x Mini HDMI


Prefer video? Here’s the Yepo 737A Video Review

The Yepo 737A is pitched as a “budget” notebook, and I was very keen to review and see exactly what the laptop could do for the very appealing price-tag of under $250. Once again, thank you to Gearbest.com for providing this notebookfor review, and I must mention that these views and opinions are my own. No money has changed hands for this review.


Packaging is not the most important thing when we purchase a product, but I always think you can tell a lot about a company by how they protect your new expensive purchase. If you have ordered a product from the other side of the world, you want to know that it is well protected.

The foam packaging is sturdy and not cheap. The notebook is well protected, and the charger is compartmentalized within a cardboard box. I have always struggled to find the little ties that go round the cable when I have boxed products up in the past, and then fit it in the little slot provided – so being able to wind up the cable and pop it in the box is a handy thing.

There’s a handy instruction leaflet which covers the usual battery safety and how to get started with your new shiny notebook, and there is also a guide for setting up Windows 10.

The Yepo is not heavy, weighing in at 1200g, and it has a fairly small footprint with its 13.3” screen. Ideal for travel, and will fit snuggly in a compatible laptop sleeve.

Yepo 737A Main Features

The Intel Celeron N3450 Quad Core 1.1GHz is quite impressive, though you can boost this up to 2.2GHz if you are so inclined.

The benchmarks are came in quite well for the processor, but practically speaking, with 6GB DDR3L RAM and the quad core, the Yepo 737A will quite happily multi-task with a multi-tabbed browser, a few spreadsheets, TechWiz Time on YouTube (video review on YouTube), and audio playing in the background.

The Yepo has 128GB eMMC storage capacity, with write and access speeds performing excellent as you’d expect. There is a TF card expansion port, which will be of use if you are transferring files up to 128GB, and these read/write speeds have also been measured, along with processor benchmarks in the video review.


Yepo 737a Notebook Jellyfish Video

I was particularly impressed during my review with the Yepo’s handling of 4K files. I used my jellyfish video (http://jell.yfish.us/) to test different speeds. 4K and 1080p. 1080P H.264 running at 55Mbps, 4K H.265 running at 140Mbps, 4K H.265 running at 200Mbps and 4K H.265 at 400Mbps. Now, the impressive thing here is that all four files ran at 30 frames per second. Streaming your movies will not be an issue here. With a 60 frames per second file, the processors were wobbling, but at 30fps, it was a quality, fluid picture.

Clearly some attention has been paid to the reason people are buying budget laptops. Maybe you’re a student who watches plenty of Netflix? Maybe you’re a keen train enthusiast, and like nothing better than to kick back with a back catalogue of impressive steam trains in 4K high definition, streamed from the lovely Amazon video library? In any case, you’re going to be very happy with the sharp and vivid colours on the 13.3” IPS screen, and if you’re hooking the Yepo 737A up to your TV via the mini HDMI, then expect to be smiling and content with your lot in life.

An important recommendation I have, is that if you want fast streaming over network, the wireless N card may not be to your liking. You will be much better off with a USB Ethernet adaptor, which will set you back less than $5.00.


The audio is okay, coming from stereo speakers either side of the notebook. Don’t expect concert-like experiences, though, as these are laptop speakers after all. I’ve heard everything from Beats speakers to Bang & Olufsen, and I wouldn’t say any are ideal for simulating a theater if you’re a movie enthusiast or audiophile. Use a decent set of bluetooth or surround sound speakers via a TV for a better experience. There’s no tinny noise or vibration annoyance, however, like some of the other notebooks in the Yepo’s class, but its no Italian amphitheater either.

One thing that may be noticeable, however, is some noise when streaming content from a Micro SD card. For some reason (which is more noticeable if the audio is coming from your headphones), machine noise is apparent whenever there is disk access. If you are streaming large files, where you need more buffering, then this could become tiresome.


Just because the Yepo 737A is a so-called “budget” notebook, that doesn’t mean you need to call Steam and cancel your account. I tested a few games, as well as PPSSPP games, and was pleasantly surprised.

Yepo 737a Review Gaming

Games like Limbo and Rogue Legacy, I saw a really great picture at 30fps, and no screen tearing. Super Meat Boy was running well at 40fps at 1080p, so I was happy with that.

Great emulation performance

PPSSPP PSP emulation was breezing through Power Stone at 40 to 60fps, which inspires confidence. Anybody wanting to use the notebook for emulation (and there’s plenty of us out there, now!) will be very happy with the speed and handling. Hook up some controllers, and make sure you get a good config – and you’re in business. God of War was less than impressive, and I did see a slowdown with this game. This is not unusual, and at 20fps it was not totally playable.

Wii emulation was on point, running Super Mario Bros. at a very admirable 55 – 60fps. I might have lost a few hours to this game whilst testing. Sorry about that.

Unfortunately, I also saw a bit of a muddy performance with Gamecube emulation, and I was left wanting whilst playing Super Mario Sunshine running the game at 20fps.

All in all, the gaming performance is pretty decent across the board, and if you want a pick up and play game during a particularly boring lecture, then the Yepo has got your back. Sorry. Make good choices, kids. For something more aimed at gaiming, check out my GPD Win Review.

Review Conclusion

I wouldn’t describe the laptop as weak in any way. You do have to give it credit where it’s due, and allow it some wiggle room on the performance side. I would put this notebook squarely in the student/first laptop class, and it would easily handle a few years of homework, browsing and Game of Thrones binge watching. Overall, a very capable notebook for the sub $250 tag, and well worth thinking about.

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