Author: Jonathan Russell

Set Up a Light Weight Raspberry Pi Plex Server (2018)

When it comes to Plex on the Raspberry Pi, the more resources you can give it, the better it will perform. So in this guide, I will show you how to setup a light weight Raspberry Pi Plex Server with only a few steps! Let’s get started! Hardware List Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Preferred), 3, 2 or 1 USB Keyboard Wired or Wireless Internet Access Minimum 8GB MicroSD Card Software List Latest Raspbian Stretch Lite Image Etcher Step 1: Download and Install Raspbian Lite on Micro SD Card First up you will need to download the latest Raspbian Lite image...

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Auto Mount an NTFS USB Drive on Raspberry Pi (2018)

Auto mounting an NTFS USB Hard Drive on a Raspberry Pi isn’t that difficult when you know how. In this guide, I’ll be using Raspbian Stretch Lite through the command line interface, but you could do this via the terminal in Raspbian Stretch desktop as well. Let’s get started! Hardware List Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or 1 USB Keyboard Wired or Wireless Internet Access Minimum 8GB MicroSD Card Software List Latest Raspbian Stretch Lite Image From the Command Line, we need to first make sure Raspbian is completely up to date and install the neccesary package to make NTFS...

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How to Watch American Netflix on Android with a VPN (2018)

Watching American Netflix used to be as simple as using a VPN, but with Netflix blocking a lot of VPN providers I wanted to create this Android Guide using a VPN that still works. NordVPN. DISCLAIMER: Accessing Netflix US from another country is a violation of their Terms of Service. You have been warned! Things you NEED to watch American Netflix A Netflix Account Android Tablet, Phone or TV Box (for this guide) NordVPN Reasons Why I choose NordVPN to unblock Netflix US VPN Servers in over 60 Countries More than 3200 Servers worldwide Up to 6 devices simultaneously...

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How to Watch Annihilation Netflix Movie in America (2018)

The movie Annihilation was released in Cinemas 23rd February 2018 in America and Canada but the rest of the world will get it on Netflix come 12th March 2018. This guide will show you how you can watch Annihilation on Netflix even if you live in the United States or Canada (Annihilation won’t be on American Netflix for quite some time). Full Disclaimer: Circumventing Geoblocks (removing blocks put up by streaming websites in other countries) is a grey area so if you don’t feel comfortable with this, leave now! With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s get...

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Umidigi S2 Review – Bezel-less Android Smartphone (With Video Unboxing)

This was my first phone review on my YouTube channel, and I’m very pleased I got to get my hands on the Umidigi S2 for this inaugural phone unboxing! As always, no money changed hands, and you’ll read my own opinions in this Umidigi S2 review. Also, a big thanks to Gearbest for sending me the phone to review! On a side note, if you are a new reviewer, you can find out in this post how to get companies to send you cool stuff to review yourself! David vs Goliath? When phone manufacturers release a product, you get...

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Yepo 737A Notebook – Budget Laptop Unboxing and Video Review

Yepo 737A Notebook Review Yepo 737A – Get the best price here Specification Model Yepo 737a OS Windows 10 CPU Intel Celeron N3450 Core: 1.1GHz up to 2.2GHz RAM 6GB Hard Disk 64GB External Memory Micro SD Card up to 128GB Screen Size 13.3 inch Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD!) Battery 7.4V / 4800mAh Standby Time 5-6 hours Built In 0.3MP Camera and Microphone Ports 2x USB, 1x Mini HDMI   Prefer video? Here’s the Yepo 737A Video Review The Yepo 737A is pitched as a “budget” notebook, and I was very keen to review and see...

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Gearbest November Coupon Codes

I’m a huge Coupon Code collector so I thought I would share my Gearbest November Coupon Codes here for some pretty sweet deals! Please let everyone in the comments know if a coupon has expired or been used up completely. If you are feeling generous, share this out on social media and let the coupon codes be free 🙂 Thanks to everyone who supports the TechWizTime YouTube Channel as well. Big things are coming so make sure you are subscribed!! Gearbest November Coupon Codes Product Name Coupon Price Coupon Code Times Deadline 4pcs UWELL Crown 3 0.25 ohm Coils...

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Retropie Volume Control with HifiBerry Amp2

When using the HiFiBerry Amp2 with Retropie on the Raspberry Pi, volume control is sadly lacking. So after a lot of trial and error, I’ve developed the best way to assign buttons or keys to change the volume. One issue I ran into was this volumecontrol::init() – failed to find mixer elements Volume Control error. After learning how the HifiBerry communicates with Retropie and how to setup TriggerHappy, I managed to fix this completely! TriggerHappy is a tool included with Retropie that monitors key or button presses and then runs a command. The first thing we need to do...

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GPD Win – The Ultra Portable Steam Gaming PC

This Ultra Portable Steam PC Gaming Machine is the GPD Win. Playing Steam games on the go isn’t as easy as it seems. Whenever you sacrifice size you also sacrifice power. The GPD Win on the other hand is an ultra portable Windows gaming device. Full disclosure. I was sent the unit out to review from Gearbest. Grab your own GPD Win here! What is the GPD Win The GPD Win is a full blown handheld Windows PC. With a 720p 5.5” inch IPS Touch Screen, the GPD Win is small enough to fit inside your pocket or a...

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