Media storage woes? Synology Moments might be the solution for your photos / videos

Chances are you have digital photos / videos all over the place – a digital camera, and at least one (if not more phones) giving you a media storage headache!  Can you find quickly when you need it?

If you have not already run short of space, you are likely to do so soon (even faster if you capture those moments precious to you and yours).

Whilst there are many options available, perhaps now is the time to consider Synology Moments which has just gone GLOBAL.

Click below for my video tutorial to get you started from Google Photos.  Let me know what you think about it over on the TechWizTime You Tube Channel – Remember to Subscribe – I take requests!


TLDR: Managing your media storage woes (photos / videos)  is simple with Synology Moments! This tutorial will show you exactly how to migrate from a Google Photo collection to Synology Moments with ease!

Want to see more?  Check out my other tutorials!  Here a suggestion for Three ways to Remote Access your Synology NAS

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