How to UPGRADE Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 PRO for $3

An Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro costs around $199 when you do it from Microsoft but there is a way that you can upgrade from Windows 10 HOME for a mere $3. Keep reading for all the details and instructions on how you can do it too.

Windows 10 PRO OEM Key

In order to upgrade to Windows 10 PRO for only $3, we need to use an OEM key supplied from EBAY.COM. Now this Windows 10 Pro KEY is legitimate and does activate on Microsoft’s servers, but it will be associated with your motherboard for life. If you change your computer hardware, you might need to get a new Windows 10 Pro key.

Purchase you Windows 10 Pro KEY

First you will need to buy your $3 Windows 10 Pro KEY from the link to get started. The seller that I have linked will send you the key within around a minute to your Ebay account and your PayPal email address. Once you have you Windows 10 Pro KEY we can start working on your computer and getting it ready.

Upgrading Windows 10 Home

The key issued from Ebay is meant for new systems only. This means if you try and activated it on a Windows 10 HOME system, it won’t work. To fix that, we need to manually upgrade the computer to Windows 10 PRO.

First we need to right click on the START menu and choose the Settings option.

Next, we need to go to the Update and Security section. And we need to choose Activation from the left hand side options. Here you should see that you are running Windows 10 Home. We need to change that to PRO before we can use our EBAY key.

Before we go any further, we need to turn the internet off. This is only so we can upgrade our home version to Windows 10 Pro. So to turn off our internet, simply click on the Notifications icon in the far bottom right hand corner, choose EXPAND and then choose Airplane Mode.

Now in the ACTIVATION area of Update & Security, you need to enter the following GENERIC Windows 10 Pro KEY. This Key can not be activated and is only used to upgrade the installed Windows 10 HOME version into a PRO edition.


Go through all the steps and restart when it prompts you to. When you start your Windows PC back up after it’s updated, you should see a difference in the Activation screen. It should now say Windows 10 PRO. Now we need to activate our key that was supplied from the EBAY seller. But first we need to turn off Airplane Mode.

Once Airplane mode is off, we need to click Change Product Key and paste in the EBAY Windows 10 Pro OEM Key that was supplied in the message or email. Click on ACTIVATE and within a few moments we should have a fully activated Windows 10 Pro edition. Any issues with it not activating should be taken up with the Key Seller.

Quick Steps for the Tech Enthusiast

Here’s a quick rundown of how to upgrade Windows 10 HOME to Windows 10 Pro for just $3

  1. Order you $3 Windows 10 Pro OEM KEY from EBAY
  2. Deactivate you internet on your computer
  3. Go to Settings, Updates and Activation then click Change Product Key
  4. Insert the generic key of VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T
  5. Follow prompts so your PC upgrades to Windows 10 PRO
  6. Once rebooted, go back to Settings, Updates and Activation
  7. Re-activate Internet and then click Change Product Key again.
  8. Insert you Ebay Sellers Windows 10 Pro Key and your done!

Your Windows 10 Pro computer will now be activated and you only spent $3 doing it which is a massive saving of $196

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