How to get American Netflix on PS4 or Xbox One with a VPN (2019)

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Getting American Netflix working on a PS4 or Xbox One is no longer a simple task. Because of software updates to the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 (PS4), Smart DNS no longer works. So a VPN is our only option to get Netflix running on either platforms. The problem is, there are no apps on either Sony’s or Microsoft’s consoles.

Let’s get started!

Hardware List

Software List

Step 1: Download files and Setup Gargoyle Router

The way this tutorial works, we will be connecting wirelessly to our existing router so the rest of the network isn’t using the VPN. This is the best option when a few people use the internet. But first we need to determine the IP address of our existing router.

On a windows computer, hit the start button and type CMD and then press enter.

In the Command Prompt window, type ipconfig and note down the Deafult Gateway. It should be something like

Note this number down for future reference in this guide.

Nirst thing you will need is to connect LAN port 1 on the Gargoyle Router to a computer. You won’t need internet yet. If you are connected to a wireless access point on your computer, you will need to disable it for now.

Now the default ip address to type into your web browser is as follows

It should ask for a password which in my case was:


Next it will ask you for a new password. Type this in twice to continue.

On the left hand side, go to CONNECTION and here we will setup the wireless connection.

Leave Gateway as Default

Under Internet/WAN, change the dropdown menu to DHCP (Wireless)

Under Local Network / LAN

The IP address you noted down at the start from ipconfig, this is your main home router. If it was something like then you should enter into the ROUTER IP section something like

That will put it on the same network as the main router.

Under the Wireless section and SSID to Join section, click SCAN and choose your WIFI network from the list.

Then type in your Password and click SAVE CHANGES

Step 2: Create OpenVPN Files

Open another TAB in your browser and confirm you can get the internet. If not, check your settings.

Create 3 files using a text editor program like Notepad++




Edit auth.txt and place your PIA Username on the first line and then you password on the second line. Save the file and close it.

Open client.crt and add the following two lines


Save the document and close

Open client.key and add the following two lines


Save the document and close

Step 3: Transfer Files to Gargoyle Router

Install WinSCP and Use the following details to login to your router:

File Protocol: SCP
Hostname: your-gargoyle-router-ip
Port Number: 22
User Name: root
Password: your-gargoyle-router-password

Login and once connected, navigate to /etc/openvpn folder

Upload the crl.rsa.2048.pem file and the auth.txt file for now

That’s it for WinSCP.

Step 4: Modify the PIA OpenVPN Configuration File

Choose the ovpn file you wish to use. In my case I chose US Silicon Valley so I can watch American Netflix. Open this file with a text editor like Notepad++

Here we need to edit the file a little.

First we need to add something after the words auth-user-pass. It should look like this when you are done.

auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/auth.txt

Next we need to remove everything from <crl-verify> inclusive down.

Then add to the very end on it’s own line:

setenv CLIENT_CERT 0

No we need to save this to a new file using SAVE AS and naming it something like PIAovpn.conf

It’s important that this file is now a .conf file instead of an .ovpn file.

Now we can setup the VPN on the Gargoyle Router.

Step 5: Setup OpenVPN in Gargoyle

Under the CONNECTION section on the left, choose OpenVPN

Select OpenVPN Client from the dropdown menu

Under Upload Format choose Individual Configuration Files.

OpenVPN Config File we need to choose our PIAovpn.conf file

CA Certificate File we need to choose the crl.rsa.2048.crt file from the PIA OpenVPN Zip File.

Client Certificate File we need to choose our client.crt file we created.

Client Key File we need to choose the client.key file we created.

Lastly we need to click SAVE CHANGES and now we will be connected to that server!


So now we have a self contained router that will connect automatically to your PIA VPN and allow you to stream American Netflix from outside the US.

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2 thoughts on “How to get American Netflix on PS4 or Xbox One with a VPN (2019)”

  1. Great guide, but I’m wondering. As I’ve been using nordvpn for a long time and I’m really not planning to change to another vpn as I’m really happy with the price and the quality of the service , would this work instead of PIA? They have a config for openvpn, but I’m not sure if I should try it.

    1. I’ll be looking at NordVPN soon as it may be a little different. Without saying 100%, you should be able to get American Netflix working with NordVPN. Can’t guarantee a time frame as I’m extremely busy right now but it is on the cards 🙂

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