American Netflix using a VPN

How to Watch American Netflix on Android with a VPN (2018)

Watching American Netflix used to be as simple as using a VPN, but with Netflix blocking a lot of VPN providers I wanted to create this Android Guide using a VPN that still works. NordVPN.

DISCLAIMER: Accessing Netflix US from another country is a violation of their Terms of Service. You have been warned!

American Netflix TV Shows and Movies

Things you NEED to watch American Netflix

  • A Netflix Account
  • Android Tablet, Phone or TV Box (for this guide)
  • NordVPN

Reasons Why I choose NordVPN to unblock Netflix US

  • VPN Servers in over 60 Countries
  • More than 3200 Servers worldwide
  • Up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • As low as $3.29 per month over 2 years
  • No activity logs stored (best for privacy)

Visit NordVPN

With that out of the way, there are two ways you can use NordVPN on an Android device. OpenVPN or the NordVPN Official App. To keep things simple, this guide will be based around the NordVPN Official App.

Download the Nord VPN Android App

Nord VPN Android App Sign InSo the first thing we’re going to want to do is download the Nord VPN Android App from the Google Play Store. Navigate to this link on your Android phone or Tablet and click the install button.

Once the Nord VPN app has fully downloaded you will need to have your login details ready.

If you haven’t already signed up, then check out their very affordable plans on the Nord VPN website now to setup your account.

Now you signed up for an account, what we need to do is open the Nord VPN Android App and click on the top left hand corner icon of a person and choose sign in from the menu.

Here you will need to put in your login details that you received from Nord VPN.

Nord VPN Android Sort Server List Once you’re fully signed in you need to click on the list icon down in the bottom center of the screen.

Scroll down through the list until you reach United States and choose that option.

Here you will be presented with a long list of the different servers available to you.

To make it a little easier, I’ve included a list below of all the NordVPN Servers that will work with Netflix US.

Also, change the list order from BEST to ALPHANUMERICAL ORDER to find these a little simpler and choose one with the lowest percentage of load.

List of Current Servers to remove Netflix Geo-Restrictions

American Netflix VPN Server FavoriteNetflix US Servers:
707-710, 722-733, 868-875, 884-887, 900-903, 940-947, 952-963, 980-987, 1074-1193, 1194-1255, 1260-1283, 1284-1287, 1289-1292, 1297-1312, 1314-1317, 1322-1353, 1358-1385, 1394-1457, 1470-1495, 1500-1503, 1508-1603.

Once you’ve found an American Netflix server from above, click the POWER Button icon to activate it.

PRO TIP: If you want to use that server again and make it quicker to access next time, then click on the HEART icon to save it to your favorites.

If the Power button turns GREEN, then you are now connected to that server you’ll now be ready to open up the Netflix app.

Here you’ll be presented with the American Netflix catalog rather than your current countries catalog of TV Shows and Movies. How awesome is that!

Lastly, if you own a Raspberry Pi I have written a guide for getting Netflix on a Raspberry Pi 3. Let me know how you go!

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    1. If the OpenVPN provider has compatible Netflix server then it should work fine with American Netflix. I’ll be working on an OpenVPN style tutorial a little bit later to cover other providers 🙂

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