Author: Jonathan Russell

GPD Win – The Ultra Portable Steam Gaming PC

This Ultra Portable Steam PC Gaming Machine is the GPD Win. Playing Steam games on the go isn’t as easy as it seems. Whenever you sacrifice size you also sacrifice power. The GPD Win on the other hand is an ultra portable Windows gaming device. Full disclosure. I was sent the unit out to review from Gearbest. Grab your own GPD Win here! What is the GPD Win The GPD Win is a full blown handheld Windows PC. With a 720p 5.5” inch IPS Touch Screen, the GPD Win is small enough to fit inside your pocket or a...

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How To Fix Xbox 360 Controller Button Map for Moonlight Raspberry Pi 3

After getting my brand new Raspberry Pi 3, I was excited to get straight into Steam Streaming with Moonlight using an Xbox 360 Controller. But, I came across an issue where the button’s on the 360 Controller weren’t mapped correctly. The Y button was X and vice versa. So, I dug in really deep through the interwebs and found the solution. This solution stopped working for me so I had to do some further testing.

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Ultimate Raspberry Pi Buyers Guide 2016

This guide will show you what you will need to get your Raspberry Pi fix in late 2016. I’ve been using the Raspberry Pi since it’s second release (the Raspberry Pi B+) and have tackled many projects. Now, with the Raspberry Pi 3 being the most recent king (apart from the zero), the projects achievable are blowing up!

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360 Fly HD Video Camera Review Unboxing

I recently grab my first 360 video camera, the 360 fly HD video camera. I haven’t had a lot of experience with 360 cameras, but everyone has to start somewhere. After a few weeks of playing around with it and a trip to Japan, I’m ready to tell you what I like and what I don’t like about the 360 fly.

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Is Pokemon Go The Same Concept As A Microverse Battery From Rick And Morty

Pokemon Go has become bigger than Twitter and that really got me thinking. Is Pokemon Go just like the Microverse Battery from Rick & Morty? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t but a theory is a theory and this one has me believing. It became even more concrete when I saw the main image above, Control. That’s when I started thinking about Rick & Morty.

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