What’s on my iPhone – MID 2022 (iOS 16 Fav Apps!)

An updated 2022 What’s on my iPhone video with the new iOS 16 and new fav apps for the middle of 2022.

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App List
Icon Pack: https://karlconrad.gumroad.com/l/Rkuoo
Premier League App: https://apple.co/39Vqb5I
FuboTV: https://apple.co/3BE0G7C
Forumla 1: https://apple.co/3bqBEOD
Netflix: https://apple.co/3d5SIYu
Prime Video: https://apple.co/3t8raHe
Spotify: https://apple.co/3bwEUs0
Backdrops: https://apple.co/3uBWcaR
Nike: https://apple.co/32Vrdyd
Eight Sleep: https://apple.co/3JHAGul
Amazon: https://apple.co/3PQFjUZ
Xbox: https://apple.co/3rsOLEO
MapleStory M: https://apple.co/3zQqVXb
Tiny Wings: https://apple.co/3EdGPdW
Vivino: https://apple.co/3SnpHKj

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