What is Clubhouse App all About? The Best Social Networking App (Clubhouse Tutorial)

What is Clubhouse App all about? Interested in learning more about the best social networking app around? Here’s your complete Clubhouse tutorial.

In this video, I’ll tell you exactly what Clubhouse is, and why you should be on it. Learn why I think Clubhouse is the best social networking app for making connections, building leads, and closing sales.

This video provides a comprehensive tutorial on how to get started on Clubhouse App, plus includes power-user tips you’ll want to know. You’ll learn how to navigate Clubhouse, how to build out your user profile, how to find people, clubs, and interests, how to start a room on Clubhouse, how to schedule an event, and so much more.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – What is Clubhouse
03:23 – How to Use Clubhouse
03:46 – Clubhouse Hallway
04:06 – Clubhouse Rooms
07:09 – User Profiles
09:11 – Clubs
10:07 – Algorithm
11:37 – Explore: Find People, Clubs, Interests
13:11 – Starting a Room
13:58 – Moderating a Room
15:40 – Schedule an Event
17:25 – Finding Active Clubs and Users
18:06 – Important Tips: Bio, Search, Following, Notifications
21:16 – Invitations

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