Ultimate Smart Assistant Showdown 2023!

Alexa vs Siri vs Google… time for a smart home showdown! Which is the best for 2023? Let’s find out.

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Apple WILL Take Over Your Smart Home! https://youtu.be/EuyTN63pMQE
Google’s Smart Home went from Zero to Hero: https://youtu.be/h6FXCx4mPHU
Alexa vs Google 2021: https://youtu.be/_tXSOFCpbvI

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Assistant Conversations
2:31 Intercom
3:04 Speakers and displays
4:43 Ecosystem
6:06 Smart home routines
7:30 Privacy
8:11 Recap
8:45 Assistant battle!


Doctor Momentum by Slynk
The End by EVA


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