Top 10 Best Netflix Movies to Watch Right Now! 2022

Over the years, Netflix has increased their number of movie offerings now with more than 350 original films in their library. To separate out the good from the bad, in this Top 10 we’ll countdown the best Original Movies on Netflix that you can watch right now. To qualify, the film must have premiered on the service since our video last year.

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Top 10 Best Netflix Series to Watch Right Now!
10 Underrated Netflix TV Series

0:00 Intro
0:31 #10 Army of Thieves
1:06 #9 The Power of the Dog
1:44 #8 The Unforgivable
2:16 #7 Don’t Look Up
2:56 #6 Fear Street Trilogy
3:36 #5 Red Notice
4:15 #4 The Mitchells vs. The Machines
4:57 Dishonorable Mentions
6:18 #3 The Adam Project
6:58 #2 Munich: The Edge of War
7:30 #1 The Harder They Fall

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