Retrostation PC4U – Turn Any PC/Laptop into an Ultimate Retro Console (Incredible)

Retrostation PC4U – Turn Any PC/Laptop into a Retro Console
The new Retrostation PC4U will turn any PC or laptop into an ultimate Retro Console, you can set this up in mins and be ready to play all your fav old skool classics. From Amiga, Atari, arcade classics, to the more recent switch/ PS3. So multiple systems emulated with over 55,000 games.

More info:
✅ Official: https://bit.ly/3th6OhE

00:00 Intro
01:20 Set up / Log in
02:08 First Boot
02:28 Retrostation Menus
15:41 Changing Themes
17:28 Gameplay: PS3
18:56 Gameplay: WiiU
19:19 Gameplay: Switch
19:46 Gameplay: N64
20:25 Gameplay: Dreamcast
20:51 Random Retro Consoles
24:31 Final Thoughts

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—– VIDEO ONLY for Educational Purposes ——–


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