PS5 Portable – Next-Gen Handheld | Multi-Platform Game Console (mm-Wave Technology)

PeakDo 7-inch mm-Wave Streaming Handheld Game Device Review. Featuring 1080P 60Hz, ability to play multi-platform AAA games using 60GHz mm-Wave technology giving you 0% Lag and does not require the internet to operate. Find out my thoughts after 30 days of usage.

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✅ Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/3VWJTUn

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* 7” FHD IPS 60Hz Display
* 450nits Brightness / 4ms
* 60Ghz MM Wave
* 0 Latency
* HDMI Input
* 8000mAh Battery (3 Hours)
* BT Joycons (Switch)
* Built in Speakers
* Headphone Jack
* 14mm thick
* Weigh: 380g

00:00 Intro
00:15 Features
01:51 Inside the box
02:12 Design
03:03 Set-up Guide
05:25 Street Fighter V (PS5)
05:38 UFC (PS4)
05:50 GTA V (PS4)
06:05 WWE 2K20 (PS4)
06:21 COD MW II (PS5)
06:36 Split Second (PS3)
06:48 UFC 4 (PS5)
07:01 Gameplay Range
07:59 HDMI Out
08:24 Final Thoughts

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