PICO 4 is Way BETTER than Meta Quest 2 – Review & LOTS of Gameplay (25 Games)

So today I’m reviewing the brand new PICO 4. A powerful All-in-One, stand-alone VR Headset, giving you access to an immersive world of VR games, movies, APPS, 3D experiences and lots more and this is the only real competition for the meta Quest 2. In my opinion, the Pico 4 is a better stand-alone VR headset, watch to find out more.

Get your Pico 4 from:
✅ Pico Official: https://bit.ly/3TwOv2A

Pico 4 Specs:
Snapdragon XR2 Octacore 2.84Ghz (7nm)
128GB / 256GB
2160 x 2160 per eye
90Hz Refresh
5300mAh Battery 20W
ChargingPass-through Color
6DOF (Degrees of Freedom)

00:00 Intro
00:29 Price: Pico 4 vs Quest 2
00:54 Inside the box!
02:06 Pico 4 Design
03:19 Eleven Assassin (Gameplay)
03:49 Racket NX (Gameplay)
04:21 Just Hoops (Gameplay)
05:33 Specs: Pico 4 vs Quest 2
08:22 1st Impressions
08:43 Walkthrough Pico OS
12:33 Apocalypse Rider (Gameplay)
12:58 Pangman (Gameplay)
13:19 Superhot (Gameplay)
13:40 Songbeater (Gameplay)
14:06 Swarm (Gameplay)
14:31 Dragon Fist (Gameplay)
14:43 Opinion So far
15:09 Screencasting
16:14 Gun Club VR (Gameplay)
16:39 Hitstream (Gameplay)
16:59 Crisis Brigade (Gameplay)
17:16 Sep’s Diner (Gameplay)
17:58 Bartender VR (Gameplay)
18:40 Bullet Roulette (Gameplay)
19:14 Manny Boxing VR (Gameplay)
19:33 Streaming 3D Movies
20:32 SteamVR (Wireless)
21:12 Beat Saber (SteamVR)
21:28 Zombieland (Gameplay)
21:50 Aspire 1 (Gameplay)
22:10 Flying Hero VR (Gameplay)
22:29 Eleven Table Tennis (Gameplay)
22:56 X-Fitness (Gameplay)
23:14 Ragnarock (Gameplay)
23:29 Virtual Fighting Championship (Gameplay)
23:46 All-in-One Sports VR (Gameplay)
24:45 Shooty Skies Overdrive (Gameplay)
25:14 Final Thoughts/Verdict

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Other Useful Content:
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