Mystery Temu Tech Haul Unboxing!

Let’s check out what’s inside our mystery tech haul from Temu!
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Chubby USB-C Cable $2.99πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/umtv6cwka38
RGB Light Strip $6.29πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/u7eg6ju8el7
Car Air Freshener $7.47πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/uerbksumyxp
RG353 VS Retro Handheld $96.49πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/uedfm9jm69l
Wireless Speaker $19.49πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/u53n3g4qa0a
RGB Light Sticks $3.51πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/umgujoavyae
15W Magsafe Charger $7.49πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/uxevwy5taff
Forged Carbon Slim Wallet $8.99πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/uqm7l7lcdc1
Minimal Watch $6.99πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/u4w2onzuzgn
Spigen iPhone $5.99πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/uthr2dryuic
Ball Fidget Toy $3.49πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/umjrndubq9h
Triangle Magnetic Fidget Slider $8.49πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/u33l6d8hn85
Switches Container $3.59πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/uc9rxgw8oje
Food Storage Containers $7.47πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/u054j8981om

Mystery Tech Temu sent me:
Xiaomi Redmi G24 165Hz 23.8″ Monitor $146.49πŸ’°https://temu.to/m/uzejckjtazy
Gaming Keyboard $36.99πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/ubnobhn97pl
Gaming Mouse Pad $8.49πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/u7zx05wkwuk
Gaming Headset $36.49πŸ’° https://temu.to/m/us4h82y4nso

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