Most Powerful Gaming Smartphone 2021- Redmagic 6S Pro – Triple Comparison – Which one is the best?

My video comparing Nubia’s Redmagic 6S Pro vs Redmagic 6 vs Redmagic 6R – includes specs, features, cameras, benchmark and lots more.

00:00 Introducing the Smartphones
01:48 Physical Differences
03:48 Comparing the Specs
04:12 Screen Comparison
05:07 Chipset, RAM, Storage
05:34 Benchmark Scores
06:17 System OS / Heart Rate Test
08:10 Battery Capacity & Chargers
09:05 Gaming UI, Game Space
14:07 Camera Comparison
15:38 Conclusion, Thoughts!
17:09 Which one to buy?

✅ Official: https://bit.ly/2X0K33O

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