LUCY Robot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Security Camera – Any Good?

My review video of LUCY the AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner by Trifo. Featuring a built in 1080p HDR Camera with depth sensor, giving you motion detection, night vision, intruder alerts, straight to your smartphone. This has a big battery life, Intelligent 3D mapping and lots more.

✅ US: https://amzn.to/3tL6vuh
Coupon code: R3KGGJM4

✅ UK: https://amzn.to/3hk7Kv5
Coupon code: A3XXRI5E

– Built in 1080p HDR Camera with Depth Sensor
– Day and Night Vision
– Motion Detection and intruder detection – Show demo
– Inteligent 3D Mapping
– Obstacle Avoidance – Put socks In the way.
– Run Time: 120mins
– 3000 Pa Suction Power
– Dustbin Capacity: 600ml
– Robot Weight: 3.9KG
– Dual Band Built in Wifi
– Compatible with Alexa and google Assistants
– Smartphone App: Trifo Home APP (Android/iOS)

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