LG TONE Free UT90 Wireless Earbuds – World’s First Dolby ATMOS Earbuds + aptX Adaptive

LG TONE Free UT90 – World’s First Dolby ATMOS Earbuds + Snapdragon Sound + aptX Adaptive + Meridian Audio – This video has been sponsored by LG, who have sent me these earbuds, in return for my impartial review.

✅ LG TONE Free UT90: https://bit.ly/LGTONEFree_UT90_CT
✅ LG TONE Free fit UTF8: https://bit.ly/LGTONEFreefit_UTF8_CT

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Giveaway
00:45 Inside the Box
01:04 UT90 Design
01:35 Dolby ATMOS
01:56 Plug & Wireless
03:13 UVnano technology
03:46 Ear Gels & Comfort
04:27 Battery & Fast Charging
05:30 Meridian / Snapdragon / DOLBY
06:23 LG Tonefree APP
06:38 Test My Best Fit
07:09 Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
07:41 Multi-point / Multi-pairing
08:01 In-ear Detection
08:15 Custom Touch Controls
08:37 ToneFree Lab Features
09:25 IPX5 & Other Features
09:42 Final Thoughts
11:28 Sound Quality Rating

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