GOOVIS Lite S – Massive 600″ Portable 3D Cinema Headset – Big Screen PS5/PS4 Gaming!

This is a pair of home cinema glasses, featuring high quality AMOLED displays, supporting upto 1080P and with the ability to watch both 3D and 2D content and also play your fav console games.

Now I must clarify this is not a VR headset. Think of it like a portable 600” display which you can connect to more or less Any HDMI source including TV boxes and game consoles.

So imagine connecting this to your PS5 and playing your fav games on a massive 600” 1080p display.

00:00 Quick Intro
00:39 Whats inside the box?
01:14 Closer Look / Build / Design
03:20 Wearing the Goovis Lite S
03:52 Connecting to PS4
05:18 Connect LG Tonefree FP9 Earbuds
06:16 Anti-Fog Feature
06:45 Connecting a Capture Card
07:40 GTA V: PS4 Gameplay
09:19 Goovis Portable Media Player
10:23 Menu OS / 4K & 3D Demo
12:26 Play Store / YouTube / Live TV
13:59 Conclusion / Final Thoughts

Get yours from:
✅ Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3yhAPyV
✅ Official: https://bit.ly/3DyMfPB

Portable Media Player:
✅ Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3rINCch
✅ Official: https://bit.ly/3GvNzVv

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– 600” Giant 1080P 3D Cinema OLED Display
– 2,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
– Only 200g Weight
– Supports Online Streaming: Youtube, Netflix, Amazon prime
– Connect to Game Consoles
– Show SGS Low fatigue
– TVU Low Blue light
– Show both certifications
– Anti-fog

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