Fiido D21 Review – Amazing Foldable Electric Bike with Torque Sensor + 100KM Range!

Reviewing the new Fiido D21 electric foldable bike with torque sensor. So it can measure how hard a rider is peddling and supply the level of electric power accordingly. The Fiido D21 has a top speed of 25km/ph and max range of 100KM. You also get 7 speed Shimano gears, 3 pedal assist levels and an IP54 rating. How good is the Fiido D21 ebike?

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✅ Fiido Official: https://shrsl.com/3p2k9

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Fiido D21 Specs:
– 250W Rear Motor
– Torque Sensor (35nm)
– 25KM/H Max Speed
– 80-100KM Range
– 3 Speeds / Pedal / Moped / Pure Electric
– 7 Speed Shimano Gears
– Front and Rear Disc Brakes
– 7 Hour Charge time
– 36V 11.6Ah Battery
– IP54 Waterproof
– 20” Tires – 1.75” Thick
– Weight 17.5KG
– Max Load 120KG
– IP54 Water Resistant
– Aluminium Alloy

00:00 Intro
00:22 Torque Sensor
00:38 Foldable
00:55 Top Speed
01:10 Pedal Assist
01:28 Range
01:37 Design
01:58 Supported Height/Weight
02:13 Tires & LEDs
02:38 Handle Bar
03:11 Unlocking the Throttle
04:29 Battery & Charging
04:47 My Experiences
06:14 Inside the Box!
06:46 Assembling the Bike
07:41 Final Thoughts

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