C3STORM ASTRO PRO E-Bike Review – An Electric Bike with Motorcycle Design

My review video of the C3STROM Astro Pro e-bike. An Electric bike that has the characteristics of a motor-cycle, with a long seat, large fat tires, powerful motor, large LED front light. The Astro can achieve top speeds of upto 45km/h and pretty decent range of 50 miles.

✅ Official: https://bit.ly/3NVc8ix
✅ Indegogo: https://bit.ly/3aUtOvY
✅ FB group: https://bit.ly/3Qmf35u

750W Motor (Rear)
5 Level Pedal Assist
Top Speed: 45km/h (std mode)
Top Speed: 52km/h (Off-Road mode)
Range 50miles (Pedal Asst)
Range 32miles (Throttle only)
52V 20Ah 780WH Samsung Cell 21700
5 Horus Fully Charged
Front headlight: 130 LUX, with far and near light,
Front left & right turn signals,
Rear light with integrated brake and turn signals
20” Anti-puncture tires (4” Wide Fat)
4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake
3.5” LCD Display
7 Speed Shimano Gears
Aluminum Frame
Front and rear fenders
42kg Weight
136kg max load
IPX6 Water Resistant
Smartphone APP: C3STROM (iOS/Android)

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Quick Unboxing
01:17 Assembling Astro
02:15 Battery Charging
02:27 Design
03:33 Hand-bar Controls
05:59 Pedal Assist Mode
06:56 OFF-ROAD Mode
07:36 Final Thoughts

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