Today we’re going to build a custom mechanical keyboard under $100!
Product links provided by Google support my channel:
• TM680 Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard Kit – https://shopping.google.com/p/kJgXXwnB5B
• Kon Momo Keycaps – https://shopping.google.com/p/EkXrFbrWuK
• Gateron Switches – https://shopping.google.com/p/wFOhvfK8jk
• Krytox 205G0 Switch Lubricant – https://shopping.google.com/p/QmGr1obQcS
• Asceny Coiled Cable: https://shopping.google.com/p/zCzRL7dm7f
• Glorious Coiled Cable – https://shopping.google.com/p/uJkFnoGZGL

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