My head to head comparison of the LG TONE FREE FN7 vs Apple AirPods Pro. Comparing everything from design, features, battery, ANC performance, music quality and lots more. Scored like a football match.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:21 Pricing
00:40 Categories
00:55 Box & Accessories
01:31 Design & Comfort
02:50 ANC Experience
05:23 Battery Life
06:36 Wireless Charging
07:28 IP Certification
08:00 Touch Control
09:54 In-ear Detection
10:30 Microphone Test
12:46 Smartphone App Control
16:34 Music & BASS Quality
18:14 Android & iOS Compatibility
19:51 FINAL SCORE / Conclusion
20:25 Other Advanced Features
20:41 Finishing OFF

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