20 INSANELY Helpful Smart Home Ideas with a Stream Deck!

I finally bought a Stream Deck and it’s awesome! Here are 20 really useful smart home ideas I use on my Elgato Stream Deck.

Elgato Stream Deck: https://amzn.to/3K03LCS
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How I set mine up:
The main integration I used was for Home Assistant https://github.com/cgiesche/streamdeck-homeassistant

This was probably the most stable Home Assistant thing I’ve ever used, so hats off to the developer for how well it works. If you are wondering how I got my NAS or anything displayed on the Stream Deck, it is most likely with this integration and Home Assistant.

When I first tried to add the integration it didn’t work. I realized the URL I entered was wrong so I fixed it but it still didn’t work. Then I removed the integration and tried again and it worked, so don’t give up if you try it out.

The next issue was getting the info to actually display for certain sensors and devices. Make sure to enable “Enable custom labels” at the bottom and use the suggested variables like {{state}} for it to show up.

The other integration I used was for Apple Shortcuts. This is extremely powerful if you use a Mac. This is how I was using the Stream Deck to send text messages. You can also get it to run shell scripts in the terminal. So to put my computer asleep it runs “pmset sleepnow”.

My Dream Smart Home Dashboard: https://youtu.be/ci1jWk5kL5Y
10 VERY Practical Home Automation Ideas: https://youtu.be/gF5646C4IOE

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0:00 Intro
0:16 What is it?
0:58 Spotify
1:46 Busy Switch
2:18 Website URLs
2:42 Speaker buttons
3:16 Room temperature reading
3:30 Thermostat cool down
3:51 Notifications
4:15 Solar power info
4:33 Weather
4:45 Window shades
5:12 Focus button
5:31 Garage door status
5:45 Text spouse
6:16 Lights in the room
6:38 Run automations
6:55 Battery levels
7:10 Computer CPU %
7:28 Mop the kitchen
7:49 Disable morning alarm
8:14 Go to bed automation
8:42 Getting work done
9:16 How did that get there?!


Space Trooper by DivKid
The End by EVA


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