20 Chrome Browser Shortcuts You Should Know! (2021)

These are the useful Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts you should know… To maximize your Google Chrome browser experience, coming up I’ll show you 20 keyboards shortcuts that can be used with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS to increase your workflow and productivity. Most of which can also be used with other Chromium based browsers like Vivaldi, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

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Chrome Browser Tips, Tricks, and Features Playlist

0:00 Intro
0:24 Open New Tab
0:51 Close Active Tab
1:04 Go to Next/Previous Tabs
1:32 Open Home Page
1:51 Reopen Last Closed Tab
2:12 Close Entire Chrome Window
2:29 Jump to Omnibox – Search/Address Box
2:50 Zoom In and Out
3:22 Refresh/Hard Refresh Page
3:59 Search Webpage
4:20 Save Webpage
4:33 Print Webpage
4:56 Show/Hide Bookmark Bar
5:27 Open Bookmarks Manager
5:57 Bookmark Current Page
6:17 Open Incognito Mode
6:48 Clear Browsing History
7:11 Open Chrome Settings
7:31 Switch User Profile
7:51 Open Downloads Page


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