Complete Recalbox Raspberry Pi Setup Tutorial

In this article, you are going to learn how to install Recalbox in your Raspberry Pi.

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Let’s get started!

What you’ll need

Download Recalbox

Go to http://www.recalbox.com/

Click on “DIY Recalbox”

Scroll down to the 2nd section and click on the Github link.

Download the zip file with the latest version.

Once it downloads, extract it into your MicroSD Card with 7Zip.

Eject the MicroSD Card and place it on your Raspberry Pi

Install And Update Recalbox

Once you boot into Recalbox for the first time, it will install and set-up automatically. While it does it you can select your localization options down at the bottom.

If your Raspberry Pi is connected thru a wired netowrk, you’ll have to wait for a couple of seconds un the main screen.

Once that a message pops up telling you about the update, Go to the start menu.

Scroll down to “System Settings”

Go down to “Updates”

Select “Start update”

Say “Yes”

The update will be downloaded and then the system will reboot.

Tranfer ROMs To Recalbox

Go to the Star menu.

Scroll down to “Network Settings”

Write down your IP Address as we’ll need it shortly.

NOTE: You can enable and connect to WiFi in this same menu, just hit on “Enable Wifi”, then use “WiFi SSID” to find your network and then write your password.

METHOD 1: Go to your PC

Open up a Windows explorer window


A login screen will appear, log in with the username “root” and the password “recalboxroot”

Click on the shared folder that will appear.

Scroll down to the “ROMs” folder.

Click on the console you wanna upload the ROM to.

Paste the ROM from your PC.

METHOD 2: Open up a web browser.

Go to “recalbox.local” or “YOURIPADDRESS”

Click on “ROMs”

Select the console you are going to upload the ROM to.

Upload the ROM.

Play Your Games On Recalbox

Go back to your Raspberry Pi.

Get into the Start menu.

Scroll down to “Quit”

Select “Restart System”

Choose “Yes”

When it comes back after the reboot, go to the Start menu.

Scroll down to “Scraper”

Go to “Scrape Now”

Select “Start”

Wait for the process to finish and enjoy your game.

Bonus: Use A Remote Controller

Open up a web browser in your Android phone or Iphone/Ipad.

Go to “recalbox.local” or “YOURIPADDRESS”

Tap on “Virtual Gamepad”

You can use your phone to control your Recalbox installation.

Installation of Recalbox Finished

Congratulations, you’ve just installed Recalbox into your Raspberry Pi, configured it, installed a ROM and that’s it for this tutorial.

Could you install it by yourself? Did you had any problems during the installation? Have any suggestion? Then leave a comment below.

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