Quad Boot Raspberry Pi with Raspbian, RetroPie, RasPlex and Kodi

Here we’re gonna learn how to Quad Boot our Raspberry Pi installation, I personally recommend to do this if you would like to have the ability to choose with Operating System you boot into while having a single Raspberry Pi installation

What you’ll need

Download The Image

Go to http://www.multibootpi.com/ and search for the “Quad Boot” image for Raspberry Pi, it should be the first article you see, if it isn’t, you can click on Builds and it’ll be there.

Click on “Continue Reading” so you can download the image.

Click on “Click here to download” to download, it’ll take you to a Google Drive page where you can proceed with the download.

Writing The Image

Open the downloaded image folder, open up the SD Card folder and copy everything on the downloaded image folder to the SD Card.

Installing The Image

Run the Raspberry Pi installer, where we’ll select which Operating Systems we want to install. In this case we will choose RasPlex, Openelec, Raspbian and RetroPie

Click “Install”, then click “Yes”

After we have installed the image on the Raspberry Pi, we will be able to select which one we wanna boot into.

We’ll select Openelec and wait for it to boot.

Setting Up OpenElec

OpenElec Kodi on the Raspberry Pi

When it boots into Openelec, we’ll be presented with a “Welcome to Openelec” window.

Just click “Next” as many times as needed.

After everything is set up, we will have the three other Operating Systems we can directly boot too into under Programs.

We’ll select Raspbian and wait for it to boot.

Setting Up Raspbian

Raspbian Pixel Desktop

Now we are into Raspbian, this time the shortcuts for the other Operating Systems will be on the top bar, now we’ll proceed to boot into RetroPie

Setting Up RetroPie

Retropie Menu

Wait for it to boot, and when it does, we’ll be prompted with window that will allow us to configure the controller we’ll be using for RetroPie.

Configure your controller and then hit “OK”.

We are now into RetroPie, we have the other 3 Operating Systems shortcuts in front of us, so we just scroll to RasPlex and boot into it.

Setting Up RasPlex

RasPlex main screen

Wait for for RasPlex to boot and we’re done, we now have 4 Operating Systems in just one Raspberry Pie installation

Quad Boot Raspberry Pi Completed

And that’s it for this tutorial. If you’ve installed a Quad Boot Raspberry Pi, have any suggestions or had problems during the installation, please leave a comment.


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