This is the ULTIMATE RetroPie 4.1 Raspberry Pi Setup Tutorial 2017 where I’ll show you how to install the latest retropie, Upgrade it to the newest release, & transfer roms with ease using a web browser. Grab your own Raspberry Pi 3 RetroPie Kit here:

This RetroPie Setup Tutorial for the Raspberry Pi will teach you the following.

* How to install RetroPie 4.1 on the Raspberry Pi 3
* How to install RetroPie on an sd card
* How to upgrade RetroPie to the latest software.
* How to find your IP address lightning fast.
* How to setup and enable Retropie Manager for simple Rom Management.

To make this RetroPie 4.1 Setup work, we need a few things.

RaspberryPi 3, 2, 1, B+ or Zero (Links Below)
Latest RetroPie image from
Etcher from
8GB+ Micro SD Card (Links Below)

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A Raspberry Pi 3 RetroPie install doesn’t have to be hard, hence why I made this 5 minute video to show you how easy it can be, even to get Retropie Roms on the Raspberry Pi using a web browser.

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