In this video, I’m going to teach you the easiest way to setup a Raspberry Pi Cluster using BitScope Blade Rack. Get yours here:

The heart of the Bitscope Blade Rack is the Quatro Pi. This board is powered from a 9V 4amp to 48V 500ma external power supply with a 2.5mm jack. It gives each Raspberry Pi enough reliable power for USB powered Hard Drives and other USB Devices.

You can also power down or reset each Raspberry Pi individually which means you don’t need to power down the whole Quatro Pi board. Instead, you can replace any Raspberry Pi without interrupting the other units.

Each slot on the Quatro Pi board also has an auxiliary power header which means you can power a raspberry pi display or other devices.

If you need to use HDMI or the Audio port, these are accessible from the first raspberry pi slot. USB ports are accessible from the rear as well for all Raspberry Pi’s.

You can find the Quatro Pi or the Bitscope Blade Rack which includes the Quatro Pi directly from the Bitscope website here or from one of their reseller websites like Element14 here

So What Is A Cluster?

Clusters are a set of connected computers that work together as a single system. So a set of 4 Raspberry Pi 3 devices would essentially act as a 16 core computer. Distributing the workload over 16 cores gives the cluster more processing power. The same way a super computer works.

So without getting more technical, a cluster is just a large scale computer with many CPU cores. The software is what makes clusters really tick. And it is by far the one thing that’s lacking out there on the YouTubes.

Unfortunately, most software needs to be manually programmed in a language like Python and software like MPI4Pi. MPI4Pi helps to distribute tasks across several Raspberry Pi’s or nodes. The nodes all work together to make the programmed task run faster.

In future video’s I’ll be teaching you how to setup a Boinc cluster (searching for aliens and curing cancer) and a Web Server with the Bitscope Blade Rack, so make sure you’ve subscribed and have notifications turned on for those.

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