The Element14 PiDesktop case for the Raspberry Pi is something that has a place in the market. It’s not completely obvious who this is for, but this video might give you a better idea. Grab your Pi Desktop case direct from Element14 here

In order to get the most from a PiDesktop case, you will need a mSATA SSD drive here TBA. These range from 32GB through to a massive 1TB. Aside from the mSATA drive, you will also need to supply your own Raspberry Pi (preferably a Raspberry Pi 3) and a 5v 2.5Amp power suppply. You can find both at Amazon

The video details exactly how the case is constructed and what goes where. Showing how to attach the add-on board to the Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins, inserting the RTC (Real Time Clock) battery (used to retain the time and date even when powered off), and the correct orientation of the lid so everything lines up.

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If you are looking to boot directly off the mSATA SSD, then I recommend checking out my previous video on Boot Raspbian and LibreELEC Kodi via PiDesktop mSATA stay tuned….

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