Here’s My December 2014 Classic Nerd Block Subscription Box Unboxing! Get your Nerd Block Here ➜

This is my first Classic Nerd Block unboxing so I was really excited to see what was in store. This month had something really special. Double the T-Shirts! Spoilers ahead…..

From what I’ve seen, every Nerd Block December Subscription Box gets a Butter Beer (Harry Potter) T-Shirt in Maroon or Black (I’ve seen a red one though). The second shirt is a random shirt from Shirt Punch. My Nerd Block had a Simpson Shirt in the style of Jaws.

Gizmo Plush Toy!!!!!! Gremlins was a childhood favourite for me. We didn’t have dogs or cats as family pets when I was growing up so I always dreamt of having my own personal Mogwai. Nerd Block, you have truly out done yourself 🙂

A Tetris Hard Cover Notebook with Tetris pieces as section dividers is really cool. I feel like this is more of a display item for me, but very cool still.

Val Kilmer Signature on Willow Print. Willow was a great fantasy film from George Lucas released in 1988 and starred Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis (also in the Harry Potter movies). Apparently this is the second time Nerd Block has done a Signature piece in their subscription box so this may be a new feature to look out for.

And lastly, the KREO Dungeons and Dragons lego style figurine. Took forever to put this one together, so luckily I sped up the video for everyone watching.

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