I’ve got some questions that will help me grow and deliver the videos you (the TechWizTime Community) really want.

The TechWizTime Patreon page is now live at http://patreon.com/TechWizTime for those in the community wanting to help grow the channel. The funds will be used to grow the channel to the point where I can produce multiple videos each week without fail. I already have someone helping with subtitles and writing but will need more help the bigger we grow! If you speak a language other than english, you can translate the videos to your native language for others to enjoy 🙂 Also, if you are interested in written tutorials, signup for notifications at https://techwiztime.com/

Thanks to the community, I’ve used the Amazon commissions and invested in the Nvidia Shield TV 2017 for future videos. I’ve had a quick little play around with it and have already got PIA VPN working, Kodi, Network Shared PSP games and more 🙂 One thing I found out quickly was that the Shield has HDCP (High Defintiion Copy Protection) which makes it harder to record the screen. Luckily, I have a HDMI splitter that strips the HDCP so I can record tutorials around this.

Reviews are something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but I want to do them honestly and give the information that everyone wants to know. One of the difference with my planned reviews will be a TLDW; (Too Long Didn’t Watch) section at the beginning of each video to let the community know up front what my underlying thoughts are. And I also want to know your opinions (poll in the cards) on what you want from a review video.

Also, what upcoming video are you hanging out for? There will be a poll in the cards showcasing a few upcoming projects I have in mind. Eventually, I will have my Patrons vote on the content they most want to see (and in what order).

Other things to talk about……
Raspberry Pi Cluster
Synapse Virtual Machines
8bitdo NES30 Review
pfSense NUC Box

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