1Gbps internet is coming to my home town of Wollongong Australia (just south of Sydney) but there’s a few catches which means the amount of people having access to this technology is going to be very limited.

NBN or National Broadband Network is the Australian wide broadband scheme to bring fast internet to all of Australia. Except that was the pitch before the government changed from Labor to Liberal. With a new government in control, the NBN was the first thing to get hacked to pieces. The technology was initially going to be Fibre to almost everyone in Australia. The best communication method for high speed internet. But as fate would have it, Fibre was claimed to be too expensive and was scraped in favour of the existing decaying copper network. This copper network is such a shambles, that our primary Telco called Telstra was happy to offload the mess to the government and tidy litle sum for their back pockets.

So fast forward to today. Wollongong is going to be one of the first Towns / Cities in Australia to recieve 1Gbps internet. Don’t jump for joy just yet. This will only be made available for the very limited selection of FTTP NBN households in the region. Why? Becuase Fibre is the only method able to deliver 1Gbps speeds. This is not MyRepublic’s fault. It’s the Liberal Government who is to blame for a small percentage of the population having access to Fibre To The Premise. Which in turn means only those whom live in FTTP areas will have access to 1Gbps internet in the near future.

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