COROS APEX PRO Smartwatch Review – Premium Titanium & Samphire Glass -Any Good?

My unboxing and review of the Coros Apex Pro, this smartwatch is specially designed for endurance athletes with GPS route navigation, 247 health tracking, heart rate, SP02, skin temp sensor, barometer and lots more. Build quality is very premium watch made from Titanium Allow, stainless and sapphire glass. You have built in GPS, 30 day battery and lots more. Find out how I get on with the Coros Apex Pro, is it as good as it looks and worth the purchase?

Buy yours Here:
✅ UK: https://amzn.to/3xZmqFS
✅ US: https://amzn.to/3yo8W75

– Designed for endurance athletes
– GPS route navigation
– 247 accurate health features
– Titanium Allow bezel Grade 5
– With sapphire glass on top
– Watch case stainless steel
– 1.4” Always on LCD display
– 30 day battery life
– Pulse Oximeter with
– 247 Blood Oxygen monitoring
– 247 Hear Rate
– Automatic sleep, step and
– calorie tracking
– Sync to Strava via coros app

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